6 Great Reasons Why you Should Visit Greece in September

Even though the hot weather makes the summer an excellent time to visit Greece, but travelers may find popular destinations crowded. However, the summer tourist season reaches its peak in August, and visitors who are willing to wait a few more weeks will be pleasantly surprised by the amazing and quiet of a Greek vacation in September.


1. The weather

Temperatures in Greece begin cooling in September, but it is still plenty warm for beachgoers,  in many of Greece’s most popular destinations in the southern part of the country. The water temperature is still warm and it feels great! In early September, the sun goes down about 8 pm, giving visitors enough time to enjoy a leisurely dinner while watching Greece’s famous sunsets.


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2. The beaches

Greece’s most popular beaches can be packed in the summer, but the crowds noticeably thin in September, making this is a great time to visit some of Greece’s most well-known coastlines.

It is much more comfortable to enjoy the amazing beaches of Mykonos, Andros, Crete, Milos and many more.

Visitors won’t have trouble finding a place to set up on the beach, and they’ll enjoy much more personal space on the sand and in the water after the summer crowds have cleared out.

Zorkos beach

3. The offers

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4. The festivals

Music, art, and wine take center stage in Greece in September, as towns across the country host festivals celebrating everything from nearby monasteries to local wine.

A very popular maritime history festival organized in Spetses in the first week of Greece, the Armata Festival is the best place to enjoy local dance, music and food in the authentic Greek style. It is held to commemorate the battle in the strait between Spetses and Kosta during the revolution of 1821.

Also one of the exciting things to do in Greece in September is to attend the Anhiolos Wine Festival in Thessaloniki.

It is a 10 days long festival where you can taste a wide range of delicious wine produced by the locals.


5. The antiquities sightseeing

Greece’s ancient sites draw visitors from around the world, and in the summer the popular sites can become packed with tourists.

Visiting these sites in September will allow tourists much more time and space to see and experience the marvels of ancient Greece.

No matter your Greek destination, you likely will be near a site worth visiting, like the famous Parthenon in Athens, the historic monuments in Macedonia, and the Heraklion Archeological Museum and Agia Triada in Crete.

Pick your destination and find the best tour to explore these sights.

Athens to Lake Vouliagmeni and Temple of Poseidon Private Tour

6. The opportunity to relax

Many Greek destinations are known for their party atmosphere, but others offer an abundance of quiet and relaxation. September’s mild weather makes it an excellent time to visit Greek destinations that have long drawn visitors for their amazing views and inspiring atmospheres.

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