The Best Budget-Friendly Hotels in Andros, Greece

The Cycladic island of Andros is among the most beautiful destinations in Greece. Featuring traditional Cycladic architecture, stunning beaches, and only two hours away from Athens, it is undoubtedly one of the top choices for travelers the world over. Discover some of the best hotels in Andros, Greece, to make your stay relaxed and memorable.

The two towns worth visiting in Andros, Greece, are Batsi and Chora, with vibrant town centers, exciting museums, and a somewhat busy nightlife. However, take the time to visit quaint villages like Menites and Apikia to admire lush vegetation and water springs. The old capital, Paleopolis, is an ancient city with intriguing remains still visible today.

The island consists of monasteries, caves, scenic hiking routes, and excellent beaches. The most well-known beaches are Batsi (very close to the town center), the vast St. Peter beach, and the gleaming Golden Sand beach. However, don’t miss the fantastic Kypri and Sineti beaches in Andros that will make you fall in love with the island even more.

Welcome to Beautiful Batsi in Andros, Greece

The charming coastal town of Batsi is a low-key destination, ideal for travelers who appreciate a serene, uncrowded environment, but with all commodities close by. Despite the popularity of Batsi, it is quite tranquil, and you can discover the traditional qualities that have remained unchanged. Take a look at some carefully selected hotels in Andros, Greece, in beautiful Batsi.

Andros Greece Hotels in Batsi

Visit the Aristocratic Chora in Andros, Greece

The capital of Andros, Chora, is an amiable town and a bit busier than Batsi. Everywhere you look, you can see buildings of Neoclassical, Venetian, Byzantine, and Ottoman architecture, as well as the traditional whitewashed Cycladic houses with bright blue details. It is many a visitors’ favorite, due to the beautiful cobblestone streets and photographic squares.