Best beaches in Andros

Vitali Beach Tour in Andros

Andros has wonderful beaches and their number is over 30!

We will show you the best beaches in Andros!

Andros has beaches for every taste! Sandy beaches, rocky beaches, distant, crowded, small, large, with normal roads, with dirt roads. Name it, Andros has it!

This article is to show you why we think Andros island has the most beautiful beaches in Cyclades that will cover even the most demanding guest.

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The selection starts from the most famous beaches like Batsi, Gold Beach and Agios Petros beach to the hidden gems of the island like Vlihada, Pisolimnionas and Lidi.

There are many organised beaches for families (Batsi, Kipri and more) and more beaches for dancing and partying (Gold beach, Piso Gialia).

Also there are the beaches for explorers with dirt roads that you will definitely need a Jeep to visit. The road may be bumpy but the view and the crystal clear waters are definitely worth it. Zorgos, Vitali, Vlihada, Pyrgos and Achla are a great suggestion. If you don’t have a Jeep, don’t worry, we can offer that kind of service.

Zorkos Βeach Tour in Andros

There are also many options for beaches that are not accessible at all by car. These beaches most of the time are empty and a great choice for those who would love some privacy. (Like Green Sand). If you have a boat do not hesitate to visit them!

But if you don’t, there is no problem. There are activities that take place in the island for you!

The Andros beaches are:

Tip: Click on the name of the beach to see the location


* Batsi beach (Family beach inside Batsi village)


* Agios Petros beach (Family beach but also beach Bars)

* Stivari beach (Family beach)

* Achla beach (Hidden treasure with small forest) Learn more about our off-road activity

* Gialia beach (Family beach)

* Vori beach (Distant beach with shipwreck)

Zorkos Beach (Distant beach with crystal clear waters) Learn more about our off road activity

Zorkos Βeach Tour in Andros

Pirgos beach (hidden Andros gem). Learn more about our off road activity

Plaka beach (Distant beach and secret gem(

* Apothikes beach (Family and Party beach)

* Ateni beach (2 beaches Small and Big Ateni perfect for family but also partying)

* Fellos beach (Family beach with horseriding options) Learn more about the horseriding activity


* Vitali beach (lovely family beach with crystal clear waters)

* Pisolimnionas beach (Hidden Gem)

* Kipri beach (Perfect for families and water sports)

* Neimporio beach (Chora central beach)

* Sineti beach (Chora lovely beach)

* Paraporti beach (Central Family beach in Chora)

* Piso Gialia beach (Family and Party beach)

* Pidima Grias beach (Famous and Unique family beach)

* Lidi (close to Chora but mostly for private)

* Gold Beach (famous for parties)

* Peza beach small (distant and lovely)

* Peza beach large (distant and lovely)

* Agia Marina beach (lovely small family beach)

* Agios Kpirianos beach (lovely and perfect for weddings)

Vlihada beach (wonderful hidden gem)

So still thinking which is your best vacation destination?
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