Covid-19 update: No test needed to enter Greece

No test needed to enter Greece

From Monday February 7, Holders of a European vaccination certificate will no longer be required to enter the country.

The relevant decision was announced by the Minister of Health, Thanos Plevris.

Member States must accept vaccination certificates for a period of 9 months after the last dose of the basic vaccination has been given. For the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, this means 270 days from the first and only dose. For a two-dose vaccine, this means 270 days after the second dose, or, according to the vaccination strategy of the vaccinating Member State, the first and only dose after recovery from the virus.

Member States should not provide for a different acceptance period for the purposes of travel within the European Union. The standard acceptance period does not apply to booster certificates.

These rules only apply to vaccination certificates used for travel to the EU.

Those who do not have an EU digital COVID certificate should be able to travel on an examination which will be carried out either before or after arrival. In addition, they may be asked to quarantine / isolate themselves upon arrival from particularly affected (dark red) areas.

Measures restricting free movement must be non-discriminatory and proportionate. Member States should not, in principle, refuse entry to persons traveling from other Member States.

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Covid-19 update: No test needed to enter Greece
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