The first impression comes from the neoclassical buildings, located along the beach of the island, with their colors, in earth tones, beautifying at sunset. The buildings in Aegina are samples of Neoclassical architecture with a strong folk element, built in the 19th century, they stay there to remind that Aegina was for 2 years the capital of Greece. Many of these buildings house on the ground floor traditional cafes, patisseries, taverns, shops and bank branches.

Inside the colorful houses with small courtyards, with trees and flowers, other blue, green, red and white, are located in narrow alleys, between picturesque shops and taverns. All the economic and social life of Aegina is concentrated on the coastal road and the parallel inland roads. Ride horses and carriages, walk the narrow cobbled alleys, between the mansions, the Churches with blue domes and see the folk art shops.

Do not miss the fish market with its traditional ouzo taverns, where you will taste fresh seafood with ouzo or tsipouro. Shop from the grocery boats and do not forget to buy the famous peanuts, from the unique peanuts of Aegina. Enjoy the fresh fish and the traditional Aeginian food and snacks in the fish taverns and leave yourself in the patisseries, in front of the port and relax enjoying the sea breeze.

Take a tour of the picturesque alleys, where you will find beautiful cafes with shady courtyards, galleries, shops with ceramics, accessories, clothes and whatever else you want and at night in the seductive atmosphere of the night, have fun and dance in the music venues of the city.

Aegina, a breath away from Athens, is a popular choice for day trips or short getaways to the blue waters of the Saronic Gulf. Holidays in Aegina promise rest, beautiful beaches, good food and many options for fun, nature trails and activities. 

From the port of Perdika you will take a boat to the Monastery, a small uninhabited island with impressive natural landscape and crystal clear waters. During your visit to the Monastery you can meet deer or peacocks, which are the permanent residents of the island.

The colored neoclassics of the waterfront. The cobbled streets of the city. The white houses of Perdika, the most island corner of the island. One of the best preserved temples of antiquity, that of Aphaia. The most turquoise waters of the Saronic Gulf, on the uninhabited island of the Monastery. A breath away from the port of Piraeus, Aegina is the island next door and has something for everyone.