Poros is one of the most beautiful islands of the Saronic Gulf, separated from the shores of the Peloponnese by a canal just 350 meters wide at its narrowest point. This special topography has given it the atmosphere of Little Venice and the nickname “Bosporus of the Saronic Gulf”. Poros consists of two islands, the rocky Sphere that hosts the amphitheater of Poros with its magnificent neoclassical buildings, and the pine-covered Kalavria with its beautiful hills and idyllic bays.

The special charm of the island has been praised over time by famous visitors such as the poet George Seferis and the writer Henry Miller. The romantic island state is full of treasures and monuments with a long history, from antiquity to the founding of the Greek state.

It stands manorially opposite Galata, like a piece of a puzzle that escaped from the Peloponnese. The boats come and go, to bring you here. What welcomes you? Taverns, marinas and yachts, neoclassical buildings, a clock that counts the good moments, pines to the sea, calm and carefree. On foot, by bike or by boat, Poros invites you to discover the happiness hidden in simplicity.

It is an island that impresses visitors with its deep blue sea, beautiful sandy beaches and lacy beaches creating magnificent images. The name of the island means a narrow passage, and this is because it is separated from the Peloponnese and the picturesque city of Galata with a canal of only 370 meters. It is considered a very romantic place, but it is also ideal for families.

Poros is located a stone’s throw from Athens and is one of the greenest islands in the Saronic Gulf. In fact, these are 2 islands, Sfairia and Kalavria, which are separated by a narrow canal. Holidays in Poros mean peace and carefree, beaches with pine trees that reach the sea, delicious food, cyclists and nature walks.

The city of Poros is located on the volcanic island of Sfairia and is built amphitheatrically above the port. Wander its picturesque alleys to admire the neoclassical houses, the beautiful balconies, the flowered corners and the small shops. Do not forget to visit the historic clock, a trademark of the island, from where you will enjoy a wonderful sunset. In summer, the coastal road of the city of Poros, which extends from Stavros to the western pier of the new port, is full of life day and night. Necessary walk for food, coffee, drink, souvenirs or just romantic moments.