Central Greece, also known as Roumeli, is a geographical region in the central part of mainland Greece. It borders north with Thessaly and Epirus and is bathed by the sea west, south and east.

The name Central Greece was used for the first time after the founding of the modern Greek state. High mountains rise on its lands, vast plains and beautiful forests, and many rivers flow. The economy of Central Greece is based on agriculture, livestock, industry and tourism. Main agricultural products are cereals, vegetables, oil and wine.

The tourist development mainly of eastern and central Central Greece is favored by the close distance from Athens and its geographical location on or near the Athens-Thessaloniki axis, which is the main transport artery of the country.

Central Greece, with its countless sights, historical wealth, remarkable ancient monuments, impressive churches and monasteries, great cultural heritage, unspoiled nature and the diversity of the landscape, is a blessed place that will captivate and give you unforgettable experiences.

It has the famous ancient oracle of Delphi. at the foot of Mount Parnassos, which greatly influenced ancient Greece. You will also find archeological and historical sites in Thebes, Thermopylae, Evia, Elefsina, Nafpaktos and Messolonghi.

Many visitors flock to the thermal spas of Edipsos, Kamena Vourla and Ypati thanks to their beneficial properties on the health of the body and the beauty of the skin. Central Greece, although for the most part mountainous, has to display a variety of wonderful beaches with natural beauty and crystal clear waters, cosmopolitan or desert, where the holidaymaker can enjoy the sun and swimming, and indulge in water sports.

In winter, escape to the mountainous areas of Central Greece to explore the lush nature, enjoy the wild beauty of the landscape, tour the picturesque traditional villages and indulge in outdoor activities and sports. Cross imposing gorges and foamy rivers, follow enchanting routes through dense forests and narrow valleys and indulge in the unique charm of the mountainous landscape.

Definitely one of the destinations in Central Greece will magnetize you and invite you to return!

Touring Central Greece is an experience that every travel lover should experience. You will get to know some of the most beautiful and important cities of the territory. The area has been continuously inhabited since prehistoric times. In its lands in antiquity great cities flourished, while in all historical periods it played a leading role in the events of Greece.

Each prefecture maintains its personal identity and is a challenge for anyone who wants to travel and discover the beauties of Greece. All cities have to offer a variety of activities and different emotions to their visitors. You can reach them through the good road network. The close distance from Athens is an incentive for short getaways and tours.

The best ways to get there is by road. This is one of the great aspects of  travelling to Central Greece, is that it is always accessible.

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The best things to do in Central Greece are the Delphi ancient sight where you will meet the history and magic of Ancient Greece and very close to it is the historic sight of Thermopylae. In Thermopylae you will see the greatest heroic battle that ever took place from 300 Spartans of Leonidas.

You can also have hiking or train trips to Meteora, one of the greatest wonders in Greece.