Arachova is the largest and most well-organized ski resort in the country, a destination of rare natural beauty and an intensely cosmopolitan village.

When the brightest winter destination in Greece includes the best ski resort in Greece and a stone-built village with a cosmopolitan aura, then the trip can only be unique. Parnassos and the plateau of Livadi: intertwined with joy and sports. Arachova: synonymous with evening entertainment and good food. As for luxury accommodation? In the area you will find excellent hostels and resorts with lovely suites, villas, hot tubs and spas. The dilemmas you may face during your stay concern the way you will choose to enjoy the place: skiing and outdoor activities? Relaxation, coffee and reading? Or board games by the fireplace? Whatever you decide, this vacation will be enjoyed with all your soul.

Zeus left two eagles, one to the East and one to the West and they met in Delphi, making them the center of the world.

At the navel of the earth, as Delphi was called, was the most important oracle of the ancient Greek world, whose fame has surpassed the borders of Greece since antiquity, as evidenced by the findings of excavations that brought to light tributes from Syria and Armenia.

The oracle of Delphi was dedicated to the god Apollo and Pythia, the respective High Priest, had the role of intermediary to convey the oracle to those interested. Delphi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, attracts a large number of Greeks and foreign visitors throughout the year.

The modern city of Delphi was built next to the archeological site, at an altitude of 570m., Overlooking the olive grove of Amfissa and the bay of Itea. Due to the archeological site, the neighboring Arachova, but also the ski center of Parnassos, it has experienced great tourist development.

The beautiful Polydrosos is built at the northern foot of Parnassos at an altitude of 380m. Until 1928 it was called Souvala, a name that is still used today.