Let’s start with Kamena Vourla. Just two hours from Athens, 150 km to the north, you will find Kamena Vourla, a beautiful seaside town, famous for its hot springs, green mountains and calm atmosphere.

The area that nests in a plain of eucalyptus is an ideal place to start long hikes, excursions to the nearby ski resort of Parnassos or excursions to the monasteries of Meteora, Delphi, Thermopylae and other attractions. The Seychelles of Greece, also known as Lichadonissia, are just 10 minutes away by boat and promise you an unforgettable experience.

Lamia is the capital of Roumeli and has 46,406 inhabitants. It is built in the place of the ancient town of Lamia on the southern slopes of Othri near Spercheios River. Lamia is the trade, industrial and transit center of the prefecture of Fthiotida.

The first historic reference of Lamia is in 426 B.C. due to the destructive earthquake that caused damages in Thessalia. In the Middle Ages the town name changed to Zitouni. Lamia played an important role in the 1821 Revolution, the principal characters being Athanasios Diakos and Diovouniotis. The town was liberated in 1832, recuperated the name “Lamia” and became the most prosperous town of Roumeli. Aris Velouchiotis, the leader of the National Resistance movement during 1941-1944, was born in the region of Lamia.

In Oeta there are several places for those who love climbing or mountain biking as there are many cycling trails. An alternative is cycling by the river Sperchios for those who prefer more “smooth” routes, an experience worth enjoying.

Of course, one of the main trump cards of the wider area of ​​Oiti, which has been designated as a National Park, is the great biodiversity that exists, counting at least 1200 species of plants characteristic of the “Veronica” of Oiti, which walkers can only admire one week a year. In addition, in the forest you can find a rare species of wild goat that has antelope genetic material.

In general, the fauna is very rich and it is typical that we met up to a herd of wild horses!