Karpenisi is the Capital of the prefecture of Evritania and the Municipality of Karpenisi. It is located in the center of the Prefecture and is connected to Lamia and Agrinio through the Diocese of Episkopi.

Vacations in Karpenisi offer you everything: winter sports, comforts, entertainment, but also towering mountains, rushing rivers, beautiful gorges, picturesque villages and historic monasteries. On the slopes of the ski resort in Velouchi, families and groups enjoy exciting trips in the snow. In the monastery of Panagia Prousiotissa, pilgrims kiss with respect the miraculous image.

In Koryschades, walkers enjoy the walk on the cobbled streets with the houses of traditional architecture and in Karpenisi they live in the rhythms of the evening entertainment. In the traditional guesthouses the guests enjoy the warm atmosphere and the small luxuries that make the holidays in Karpenisi special. In the taverns, the palate rejoices in flavors of local cuisine, which smell of musk on the tables in front of the lit fireplaces. Karpenisi and the surrounding villages are undoubtedly an ideal winter destination. Its magic will captivate you.

The well-known and well-sung village of Agrafa is located at an altitude of 880m., At the foot of Mount Koukourountzos, surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks and steep gorges. The natural beauty of the landscape immediately wins over even the most demanding visitor. At the foot of the village at Sporn and Hodeika, the river Agrafiotis springs. Characteristic of Agrafa are the age-old plane trees, which cover the village square with their shade, the stone houses with the tiled roofs and the hospitable inhabitants

– Many historical writers place the origin of the name “Agrafa” in the years of Ottoman rule, where we have a first report in 1856, by Panagiotis Aravantinos to give us the relevant verse .. “were called to Agrafa because the Ottomans who inhabited Thessaly to enroll that country among the other countries of Thessaly ”.