In western Greece, a sacred place welcomes you to the beauty and richness of its lagoon.

Even the best director of photography could not reproduce the light that makes the lagoon of Mesolongi look golden at sunset. Between the lagoons, Mesolongi (mezzo laghi), a flat city, loved by cyclists, friendly to families with children. A city of heroes, a source of inspiration for the famous Philhellene Lord Byron and the national poet of Greece Dionysios Solomos. The ivaria, the gaites – fishing boats without keel -, the fish huts on the stakes, the islet of Kleisova, the islet of Agios Sostis compose in the area of ​​Messolonghi a charming, cinematic scene. In Western Greece, Mesologi shares its secrets with you.

Nafpaktos is a beautiful city, built amphitheatrically on a pine-covered slope. With 18,231 permanent residents it is the second largest city in the prefecture of Etoloakarnania and is 42 km from Mesologi and 10 km from the ferry Rio Antirrio. In recent years the city is being modernized at a rapid pace and is able to meet all the requirements of its visitors while maintaining to a large extent its traditional style.

  The old circular port with the two picturesque towers at its entrance charms even the most demanding visitors. The well-preserved Venetian castle with the successive rows of walls at the top of the hill, is one of the most beautiful in Greece and a real gem for the city.

  Nafpaktos is a city with a lot of traffic throughout the year, but it increases during the summer months. The visitor will find taverns, restaurants, ouzo, cafes in the city center, on the beaches or on the castle hill overlooking the sea.

 Nafpaktos is of course suitable for summer vacations, as it has wonderful beaches both inside the city and at short distances outside it. Specifically, there is the coastal zone of the municipalities of Nafpaktos, Antirrio, and Halkia to the west and the coastal zone of the municipalities of Efpalio and Tolofonas to the east.

In the mountains of the Prefecture of Etoloakarnania, on the border with Fokida, the area of ​​Orini Nafpaktia, or Kravara as it used to be called, is an exciting mountain destination that is kept away from mass tourism and is suitable for nature lovers. Among the southern ends of Pindos, Oxia, Panaitoliko and Vardousia, having in the south Mornos, Evinos and the tributary of Kotsalos, includes more than 45 villages that hang like eagle nests among endless forests of firs, walnuts and beeches. logs with chestnuts. The paths that connected the villages are still passable and pass through ravines and magical landscapes, the forest roads bring you to the heart of the mountains and the route around Evinolimni is breathtaking.