Amorgos is the unpretentious beauty of the Cyclades. It is located in the east of the island complex and seems to embrace the Small Cyclades (Heraklion, Donoussa, Schinoussa, Koufonissi).

Its wild beauty with its rocky landscapes and clear blue waters fascinates travelers and more.

After all, it is no coincidence that Amorgos was introduced to the general public through Luc Besson’s film The Grand Blue (Le Grand Bleu), most of which was filmed on the beach of Agia Anna.

In Agia Anna is the landmark of Amorgos, the hanging monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa that awe-inspiring anyone who sees it. Amorgos was named one of the leading works of Greek poetry by the poet and lyricist Nikos Gatsos.

Even though he had never visited her, it probably inspired him in a dream. If you are ready to enchant you too, do not hesitate.

Once you reach the main port of the island, Katapola, you will be calmed by the image.

The settlements with the Cycladic houses, the plain that stretches in the background, the churches and the mountain of Minoa, which was one of the ancient cities of Amorgos, will welcome you in the best possible way.

The capital is the town of Amorgos, which deservedly claims the title of the most impressive capital of the Cyclades. Its special architecture, its location in the center of the island, the cramped white houses and the old paved cobbled streets compose a unique image.

Hidden from the prying eyes of pirates who roamed the waters of Amorgos in the past, Chora today is more hospitable than ever.

A walk to the Castle that stands at the highest point of Chora will give you a panoramic view of Amorgos, in the Venetian tower of Gavras there is a museum while a tour of the numerous post-Byzantine churches will not leave you unmoved.

In its alleys you have the opportunity to find taverns to try the local delicacies and a market where you will find small “treasures” to take with you when leaving.

After Chora and after passing the historic monastery of Ai Giorgis Valsamitis (it is worth visiting) you will find yourself in Kato Meria and its villages. Kamari, Ancient Arkesini, the village of Vroutsi and Kolofana offer the tranquility and the contact with the nature that you are so looking for. If you want to enjoy the sea, Kalotaritissa in Kato Meria with its sheltered port and beach is one of the most beautiful destinations of Amorgos. In Kato Meria is Agia Paraskevi, with the popular festival that hosts people from the surrounding islands every year.

In Aegiali, the second port of Amorgos, there are four villages: Tholaria, Lagada, Potamos and the coastal settlement of Ormos. Each one has to offer you something different, but in all you will find picturesque taverns, accommodation and coffee to enjoy your vacation as you like.