The Anafi of the few inhabitants and the virgin beauty is waiting for you to discover it. Next to the popular Santorini, Anafi remains a destination for a few and select visitors.

Its name comes from the ancient Greek verb “anafanomai” and this is because the legend wants the god Apollo to illuminate the island to lead the Argonauts who fought with the wild waves of the sea.

A ray of light and shelter remains to this day Anafi for those who seek tranquility, carefreeness and contact with nature on vacation.

The only organized settlement on the island is Chora, picturesque and built amphitheatrically on the ruins of a Venetian castle.

There you will find accommodation, taverns and bars that operate until the morning during the summer months.

The Cycladic architecture with the white houses and the blue windows bathed in the Aegean sun and the smell of the flowery courtyards dominates in Anafi Town.

The simple lifestyle, the home cooked food and the hospitable inhabitants will make you feel familiar from the first moment you wander its alleys.

The beaches of Anafi are the ideal place for relaxation. Crystal clear waters and untouched sandy beaches.

In Katsouni you will find coolness and shade under the tamarisk trees, in Kleisidi, in the Bay of Agios Nikolaos you can enjoy local delicacies in the taverns while if you are more daring choose to follow the small paths that lead to the beaches of Flamouros and Livoskopou.

The most famous beach of the island is Roukounas, a choice of many campers and its continuation is Katalimatsa, a small rocky beach with archaeological interest.

Do not be late, visit Anafi before others discover this hidden treasure of the Cyclades!