Monastery of Panagias Panachrantou

Monastery of Panagias Panachrantou is located at a height of 230 m on the slopes of mountain Gerakones.

It is believed to have been built by Nicephorus Phocas in 961 AD and in the monastery you can find the miraculous picture of Panagia made from Evaggelistis Loukas.

There is a celebration at the monastery on July 27th and August 15th.

Holy Monastery of Zoodoxos Pighi

The holy monastery of Zoodoxos Pighi or Aghia as it is called in Andros is above the village of Batsi and it is still uknown the date of construction.

It is the largest monastery of the island and you can find pictures since 14th and 16th century. You can also see a very large library with precious books and documents.

There is a celebration at the Monastery the First Friday after the Sunday of Orthodox Easter

Holy Monastery of St. Marina

The holy Monastery of St. Marina is located in the village of Apoikia and is the most famous monastery in Andros. The eventful story of the Monastery and the miraculous picture of St. Marina makes it very popular for believers and tourists.

It was founded in 1325 AD and despite the attacks of the Pirates in the 16th century; with the help of the Monk Sofronios the Peloponisian who sold all of his fortune to help it was transformed to a female monastery and was reconstructed. The monastery was tested again at 1833 AD in the era of King Othon who ordered the closure of all the monasteries and put in auction the picture of St Marina. Fortunately the picture was saven by the Empirikos family but the Monastery was again destroyed.

In 1975 AD the Bishop Andreas Dorotheos ordered the reconstruction of the monastery that is still in progress but it is approachable by the tourists.

Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas

The Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas is right after Apoikies village. Built in the 16th century the monastery houses the picture of Panagia Blachernai.

There is a celebration at the Monastery on May 9th, December 6th and July 20th .