Antiparos is the small island next to the cosmopolitan Paros in the heart of the Cyclades.

Small but miraculous, Antiparos has nothing to envy the nearby larger islands as in recent years it has developed into one of the top destinations in the Cyclades.

We would call her bohemian and aristocratic and you will understand why if you choose her for your vacation.

Whatever you are looking for in Antiparos you will find it. Take the ferry boat from Paros and in 7 minutes you will be at the port of Antiparos.

We suggest you stay to enjoy the Greek summer in all its glory but if you are on vacation in Paros visit Antiparos for at least one day and you will not be disappointed!

Ideal for families, for groups but also for lonely travelers will enchant you from the first moment.

Near the port is the town of Antiparos with the famous Venetian Castle whose parts are preserved such as the gate and the base of the tower that coexist harmoniously between the Cycladic houses.

Picturesque but also in the liveliness, the town of Antiparos is full of taverns, sought after cafes and bars that operate until the morning!

Scattered throughout the island you will find somewhere in the 50 churches smaller or larger with the characteristic blue and white Cycladic colors. Many of them are of special archaeological interest.

Antiparos is famous for its crystal clear blue waters. On its beaches such as Soros, Faneromeni, Livadia, Glyfa and Agios Sostis you will enjoy the sun and swimming.

And if you have time, take the boat to Despotiko, the uninhabited island next to Antiparos with its enchanting beaches and archeological site.

For the romantics, we suggest a swim in Sifneiko, the beach of Antiparos, at the time when the sun is setting and he seems to be diving in the calm waters of the island.