The majestic Kimolos is the small beautiful island next to the noisy and impressive Milos. Born of volcanic eruptions, Kimolos today exudes calm and serenity to travelers and only its eerie natural landscape testifies to its explosive past.

Its white rocks that are rich in chalk shimmer in the light of the Cycladic sun and make its waters turquoise. If you are also impressed by the power of nature and want to see one of its most beautiful creations, welcome to Kimolos!

The village is the main settlement of Kimolos and its white houses spread like a wave on the small top of the island. The labyrinthine narrow alleys of the picturesque settlement hide small treasures. There you will find cafes and taverns to relax.

At the core of the village is the ruined medieval Castle of the 14-15th century, where the inhabitants found refuge from pirate raids, today you will find there the Folklore Museum of the island.

In summer, the coastal settlements of Kimolos come to life, such as the fishing village of Goupa, the port of Psathi, Bonatsa and Kalamitsi etc.

In the west of the island you will find the wildest landscape of the island in Elliniko and Mavrospilia. The Aspragremna that dive into the sea will captivate you!

The beaches of Kimolos will take your breath away!

White pebbles, majestic rocks in all kinds of shapes and transparent waters but also velvety sandy beaches that hide thermal hot springs create a colorful mosaic on the shores of Argentiera (silver) in the Cyclades.

We suggest you swim with your mask in Greek and admire the underwater ancient city of the island.

In Prasa with its white and thick sand you will find thermal baths, in its caves the monachus-monachus seals also find shelter.

In Rema you will think that you are swimming in a pool and you will gaze at the “Wires”, the caves for the boats of the locals while in Aliki the Aegean Sea will stretch in front of you like in a dream.