Kythnos, the island with beautiful coasts is located a short distance from Attica. Calm Kythnos is famous for its natural landscape, its picturesque villages, the thermal springs and the peace it offers to the travelers who visit it.

In Chora or Messaria, the Cycladic aesthetics, the island atmosphere and the hospitable inhabitants will win you over from the first moment. In a walk in the cobbled streets and squares of Chora you will find cafes, restaurants, patisseries, shops and bars to sunbathe and enjoy the local cuisine. Visit its churches with the special architecture, such as the church of Ag. Savva standing arrogant since 1613 and the Holy Trinity the oldest church on the island. Do not forget to be photographed in the white houses with the colorful doors and in the windmills to remember Kythnos forever. Although we believe that at some point you will return!

Another beautiful settlement is Dryopida with its traditional houses with tiled roofs, picturesque arches and old churches. Near Dryopida is the Katafiki cave, the most famous attraction of the island.

As for the beaches of Kythnos, it would be a lie to say that we do not know where to start. Kythnos equals Kolona. This beach is a dream come true! Left sea, right sea and a thin strip of golden sand in the middle! Climb the hill, to the church of Agios Nikolaos located on the island of Agios Loukas and admire the panoramic view. No matter how many beaches we mention, there are so many more to discover in Kythnos. We will definitely suggest you the deserted Aliki, the blue-green Repulsion, the Diocese with the crystal clear shallow waters, Megali Ammos and Martinakia with the traditional taverns by the sea.

If you dream of the sea and you are ready to experience the magic of the Greek summer, do not be late, the crystal clear waters of Kythnos are waiting for you to take away all your worries!

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