Naxos is the gateway to the sunset and the largest island of the Cyclades. Suitable for those looking for relaxation, sights of cultural interest, walks in picturesque villages, activities and unspoiled nature, Naxos remains one of the top destinations!

Rich in nightlife, with excellent local products and gastronomy will win you over from the first moment.

Arriving at the port you will see the “Portara”, the magnificent marble gate of the temple of the sun god, Apollo.

It is no coincidence that there you will admire one of the most magical sunsets of your life!

On your walk in the picturesque alleys of Chora you will find the Venetian castle with its medieval architecture and mansions between Cycladic houses, shops, cafes and restaurants to coexist harmoniously.

Naxos is also known for its wonderful mountain villages. Do not forget to visit them as the magic of the island is hidden there.

In Apeiranthos, the marble village, with its Venetian towers, stone houses and old cafes, time seems to have stopped.

Other settlements with authentic Cycladic aesthetics are Halki, with its wonderful textiles, Filoti, the picturesque Koronos with its arches and squares and Apollo, the fishing village located near the ancient quarries of the island.

The large area of ​​Naxos has given it kilometers of unique beaches with crystal clear waters and velvety sandy beaches.

If you are looking for organized beaches, we recommend Agios Georgios near Chora, Agios Prokopios with its white sand and taverns, Agia Anna and Plaka with the cedars and the enchanting dunes.

The two beaches of Mikri Vigla are suitable for windsurfing and kitesurfing while in Kastraki you will find a long and calm sandy beach to relax. Our favorite is the beach Alyko with the clear blue waters and the cedar forest that embraces it!