Paros will charm you from the first moment, like the most beautiful Greek sculptures of antiquity that were sculpted in its famous transparent marble.

It is no coincidence that anyone who visits it is captivated by the wonderful landscapes, the picturesque Cycladic architecture, the crystal clear waters and especially its refreshing aura.

It does not matter what you are looking for in your vacation as Paros has everything to offer you.

Traditional but also cosmopolitan, picturesque and at the same time modern, serene but also first at the party is an ideal destination for everyone!

The capital of Paros is the secular Parikia.

Full of Cycladic houses, neoclassical mansions and Byzantine monuments, it dominates next to the pine forest and the hill of Agia Anna with its two characteristic mills.

In the center you will find the Venetian castle of the 13th century and one of the largest orthodox pilgrimages in Greece, Panagia Ekatontapyliani of the 6th c. AD, which according to tradition has 99 open doors and a secret.

The picturesque Naoussa is the second largest settlement of Paros and keeps its island character unchanged.

Take a walk in the alleys and the port and you will meet visitors and locals flocking to the shops, restaurants and bars of the island that are full of life!

In Paros you will find wonderful villages that are real attractions.

On the slope of a mountain are Lefkes with its whitewashed houses, Ottonian and neoclassical buildings and the amphitheater view. While in the interior of the island it is worth visiting Prodromos and Marpissa, two traditional villages with special architectural elements, windmills, old churches and hospitable inhabitants.

On the beaches of Paros you will find clear blue waters, golden beaches and natural landscapes of incomparable beauty.

Apart from these, however, the Parian beaches offer a variety of facilities such as taverns, beach bars for endless fun and infrastructure for water sports. Choose what you prefer and get started!

In the enchanting Kolimbithres you will be impressed with the rocks carved by the sea and the wind, in the Golden coast with the velvety sand and in the cosmopolitan Pounta you will indulge in water sports and in Santa Maria near Naoussa the crystal clear waters and the music will take you away sense.

Equally organized and beautiful are the beaches of Monastiri, Marcelo, the windless Farangas and the popular Logaras with the impressive seabed that is suitable for snorkeling!

If you are still looking for peace and relaxation, we recommend the exotic Laggeri, Alyki and Kalogeros where before diving in its turquoise waters you can take advantage of the clay sand and feel its beneficial properties in an unforgettable “sand bath”.

And if you choose the beautiful Paros for your holidays, do not forget to take the boat for her little sister, Antiparos! This little paradise is the perfect excursion for those who visit the popular Paros.