Serifos is the “iron lady” of the Cyclades. In mythology it is considered the island of Cyclops Polyphemus that Odysseus encountered on the return journey from Troy. The myth of Perseus and Medusa is also unfolding in Serifos!

Its steep shores, the deep blue of the sea and its land that gives birth to iron and granite make this fabulous place one of the most beautiful destinations for a quiet and relaxing vacation. Do not be late, come and discover the beautiful Serifos that hides small treasures in every corner!

In Livadi, the port of the island you will find most shops, taverns, cafes and bars for night entertainment.

The town of Serifos perched and fortified on a rocky hill dominates imposing when you reach the port and you will see it. One of the best examples of Cycladic aesthetics consists of two neighborhoods, Pano and Kato Chora.

A mansion and at the same time simple, it stands under the Venetian castle of the 15th century with labyrinthine cobbled streets, loggias from the Venetian rule, two-storey and three-storey houses and the picturesque district of Myla.

Climb to the top and admire the impressive view, the small churches built in the rock of Ag. Konstantinos and Ai Giannis and then wander the alleys to relax in one of the cafes and taverns.

Serifos also has several traditional settlements of special beauty. Ramos, Koutalas, Kentarchos, Galani, Megalo Chorio and Megalo Livadi are some of them. Take a walk along the cobbled streets and try the traditional cuisine of the island in one of the taverns.

The crystal clear waters and the beautiful shores of Serifos satisfy even the most demanding. In Agios Sostis you will find two beaches, one with pebbles and one with sand and tamarisk and in Ganema the same.

The idyllic Psili Ammos is waiting for you to enjoy its turquoise waters and to taste delicious dishes in the taverns by the sea. Sykamia and Vagia with their emerald waters are ideal for calm and relaxation.

Finally, if you have an appetite for walking, follow the paths that lead to the small cove of Kalo Ambeli and Lia with its wild beauty and colorful pebbles.