Sifnos is a beautiful island in the western Cyclades known for its natural beauty, relaxed rhythms of life, typical Cycladic architecture and the production of traditional ceramics.

The special aura of Sifnos is sure to captivate you. Do you want the rich history and the medieval settlements, do you want the local traditions and the art of the locals or its impressive beaches? This island magnetizes you from the first moment and it’s time to discover it!

In Sifnos you will find 14 traditional settlements that everyone has to offer you something special, scattered in NATURA areas of unique natural beauty!

The capital of beautiful Sifnos is the picturesque Apollonia, named after the god Apollo. Amphitheatrically built on three hills, it enchants the visitor with its traditional Cycladic architecture.

In its main picturesque path, “the strait”, you will find old churches, shops, taverns and restaurants. The heart of the island’s nightlife beats here!

Next to Apollonia, you will find Katavati with the well-known and award-winning monastery of Fyrogeion, where cultural events are organized every year.

The diamond of Sifnos is Artemon with the amazing view.

The beautiful mansions, the cobbled alleys and the local confectionery workshops with the Sifnos loukoumia and the halva pies are some of the reasons to choose to take a walk in the village named after the goddess Artemis!

In the fishing village of Herronissos, a center of pottery in the past, you will find a windless beach, fish taverns and you will enjoy a romantic sunset in the church of Agios Georgios.

Also visit the coastal Vathi that has become a tourist destination, the natural port of Faros, the coastal settlement of Kamares surrounded by high mountains and Exabela where you will find frying pans and the monastery of Vrisi, the largest on the island.

Other smaller but equally picturesque villages are Pano and Kato Petali and Ai Loukas.

The beaches of Sifnos are impressive! Golden beaches but also rocky landscapes, small isolated or fully organized full of life and people, will satisfy you whatever you are looking for.

In Platys Gialos, the cosmopolitan beach of the island and in Vathi you will find water sports and taverns by the sea. In Faro, Fasolou and Herronisos you will enjoy the magic of the sea and you will find fresh fish!

You will find emerald waters and pebbles in the calm Saures and Vroulidia. While in Glyfo and Apokofto you will relax in the heavenly waters and you will find shelter from the sun under the tamarisk trees.

If you want to find yourself in a magical place with amazing energy that springs from the magic of nature and the passion of the people, welcome to Sifnos!