Syros is the capital of the Cyclades and is characterized as the “Lordess of the Aegean”.

Syros looks like a colorful mosaic and will enchant you from the first moment. Medieval buildings, Cycladic architecture, majestic public buildings with European air and colorful neoclassical mansions. Cosmopolitan aura and Aegean air.

East and West meet and the result is wonderful. Do not be late if you want to be in the center of the Cyclades overlooking all the islands, come to Syros and you will not regret it!

Arriving at the port you will see the impressive Ermoupolis, the town of Syros, built amphitheatrically on the hills.

You will fall in love with her at first sight as you have never seen anything like her! The old and modern elements and the classic aesthetics with the modern touches testify to the glorious past of this island but also to its current lively energy.

In Ermoupolis you will take your walks in Miaouli Square with the majestic City Hall, cafes and shops. You will admire the beautiful Apollo Theater, the jewel of Syros and you will walk to Vaporia, the aristocratic neighborhood with the captain’s houses.

A surprise awaits you above Ermoupolis. One of the most beautiful places on the island is Ano Syros!

The Venetian settlement with the Cycladic houses and the narrow serpentine streets has been inhabited continuously since the 13th c. and everywhere you will find Venetian influences, medieval and universal elements.

At the highest point with a beautiful view of the Aegean is the Catholic Cathedral of San George and in the Piazza descending to Ermoupolis, you will find cafes and shops. The walk in Ano Syros will be unforgettable.

You will find another side of Syros in Kini, the picturesque fishing village in the west of the island. In Kini, you will find the ideal beach for relaxation, taverns with fresh fish and seafood and one of the most beautiful sunsets.

Do not forget to see the statue of the Virgin mermaid holding a fisherman in her arms!

On the west side is Galissas, the popular coastal settlement with golden sand, beach bars and taverns while on the south you will find the green Chroussa with beautiful villas and small orthodox and catholic churches.

And if you are wondering if Syros has an interesting nature and history then in Apano Meria is the answer. The mountainous north side of the island is full of hills, vegetation, dry rocks and steep rocky shores. Roads and paths will lead you to caves, bridges and scam dream beaches.

It is said that the famous Cycladic civilization was born in the Halandriani plateau and in the neighboring Kastri. Small settlements such as Mytakas, Papouri, Plati Vouni and Marmari also mushroom in the enchanting Syrian nature.

We suggest you visit San Michalis, a quiet village that stands out for its amazing tavern.

The beaches of Syros are idyllic with crystal clear waters. Some are organized with a lot of people, all the amenities and easy access and others are deserted, unspoiled and secluded!

In the south of the island you will find the most popular beaches while on the north side you will find the wild beauty of Syros on its steep shores.

In Agathopes with its golden sand and shallow waters you will find everything you need to spend all day by the sea, while if you are lucky you can meet lone seals that find shelter there.

Another popular beach is Vari, ideal for families but also for those who love water sports. Organized beaches are Delfini with pebbles and picturesque taverns, Kini with the enchanting sunset and Galissas.

If you are looking for peace and quiet, we suggest you follow the paths that lead to Varvarousa with the beautiful turquoise waters, to Gria Spilia, Armeos and Aetos!

Picturesque coastal settlements are Poseidonia or Delagratsia with mansions and Azolimnos with stunning views of Mykonos and Tinos.