Evia, the second largest island in Greece, is a world full of hidden beauties, unspoiled nature, impressive beaches and interesting history.

With your eyes fixed on the islands of the Cyclades and the Sporades, Evia gathers a mosaic of landscapes and experiences that will fix you and make you include it in your favorite destinations!

In Northern Evia you will find coastal settlements, pine forests, waterfalls and Edipsos, a settlement famous for its thermal baths.

Moving towards the central part of the island, Mount Dirfis stands imposing, creating an alpine setting.

Northeast you will find the city of Eretria, wonderful beaches, medieval settlements with turrets and Byzantine churches.

On the south side, get ready to tour the “dragon houses”, cross the Dimosari Gorge and enjoy your holidays in Aliveri, Styra and Karystos.

The capital of the island is Chalkida, a modern city with an important history and “crazy waters” that change 4 times a day!

Ideal destination for walks by the sea, a selection of fresh fish and seafood, fun and relaxation in the countless cafes and bars on the waterfront.

Do not be late, the heavenly Evia is waiting for you to discover it only a few hours away from Athens by road or by boat!

Definitely one of Evia areas will magnetize you and invite you to return!

Evia looks like a miniature of the whole of Greece as its landscapes combine mountain and sea, rich virgin vegetation, forests and rocky landscapes, culture and modern entertainment!

If you want to spend your holidays on an island but you have many requirements then start for Evia and you will not miss anything!

By car from the suspension bridge of Chalkida that connects Attica with Evia or by ferry boat from the ports of Arkitsa (Edipsos), Agiokampos (Edipsos), Oropos (Eretria), Agia Marina (Styra) and Rafina ( Marble) depending on which part of Evia you have chosen as your initial destination.

Evia is an ideal destination for any kind of activity in nature.

Hiking with stops in gorges, waterfalls of incomparable beauty and monuments such as the “dragon houses” of Styra, horseback riding in the interior and in the forest and kayaking on the river Evripos in Chalkida are some of them!

If you are looking for a cultural experience and a trip in the history of the island then get ready to explore the impressive collections of museums, to meet the mysterious atmosphere of the island in the monasteries and churches and to tour archeological sites of special importance!