Ionian Islands


In the emerald waters of the Ionian you will find the Ionian Islands, the green islands with the manorial beauty, the Venetian aesthetics and the always singing mood!

Zakynthos, Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Ithaca, Paxos, Kythira and other smaller islands are waiting for you to experience the most unforgettable holidays of your life. Swim in crystal clear waters, explore castles, caves and caverns, walk through lush pine trees and enjoy the Greek summer to the fullest!

The Ionians, hospitable and always willing to show you the hidden beauties of their place. The customs and traditions of the islands have remained unchanged and authentic for years. And culture? It is hidden in every corner of these heavenly places!

Whatever you look for in the Ionian you will find it. Cosmopolitan cities with wonderful architecture. Green villages. Beaches that will take your breath away. Virgin nature and geological “treasures”. And the most important; The local cuisine is not going to disappoint you! In the Ionian you will taste local products, wonderful recipes, handmade sweets and “intoxicating” drinks that we guarantee you will not find anywhere else.

If you are a type of extreme sports in the Ionian Islands, you will enjoy your favorite hobbies and more. If the sea calms you and calms you then get ready to stroll it for hours on a boat while if you are looking for a cultural experience on your vacation start because the Ionian islands have so many attractions that you will not know which to visit first!

Definitely one of the Ionian islands will magnetize you and invite you to return!

Maybe the myths that were born in its green waters. Maybe the gentle aura that his people exude or the nature that created his enchanting landscapes. Anyway, the Ionian Islands are an earthly paradise for every traveler who appreciates the authentic beauty and wants to be captivated by the liveliness and energy of this special place!

Access to the Ionian Islands is frequent from the ports of Igoumenitsa and Patras, while some islands such as Cephalonia, Corfu and Zakynthos also have an airport. You can also reach Lefkada by road via a floating bridge from mainland Greece.

If you are in the mood to discover their magic and keep a piece of them forever do not forget to try the local products and their gastronomy, swim in their seas, dance with the locals at the festivals and walk in the cobbled streets of the villages. If you are wondering how a place can have so many people, do not forget to look for its history. You will find it in the small museums that are mushrooming here and there, in the countless chapels that compose the landscape and in the arts of the locals that tame even the most difficult material. 

Scuba diving, climbing, hiking and sea excursions to pristine beaches and caves will give you a unique experience.