The Sporades are the emerald islands of the Aegean. North of Evia and east of Magnesia are the beautiful islands of the Sporades, Skiathos, Skopelos, Skyros and Alonissos with lush vegetation and pristine shores!

No one can question the charm of the Sporades. Trees that meet the crystal clear blue-green waters, mountains with dense pine forests and impressive shores. Cosmopolitan but also with a peaceful atmosphere for a quiet vacation by the sea. Authentic island architecture and hospitable inhabitants.

Every island in the Sporades is a hidden paradise waiting to be discovered!

If you are looking for a “shelter” to relax and enjoy nature, to feel carefree and relaxed, start preparing for your vacation.

Choose between the youthful and lively Skiathos, the green Skopelos with its unpretentious beauty and the low-key Skyros and Alonissos that remain untouched by mass tourism and their authenticity will magnetize you!

And if you can not decide then do endless island hopping and get to know them all!

Definitely one of the Sporades islands will magnetize you and invite you to return!

The Sporades, scattered in the Aegean, were once united with mainland Greece until part of them sank and the highest peaks emerged from the seabed.

This makes them so special, giving them a natural landscape of incomparable beauty that combines mountain and sea. The trees that are reflected in the crystal clear waters enclose all the beauty of the Sporades!

Access to the Sporades is possible from the port of Agios Konstantinos, from Kymi to Evia but also from the port of Volos. Skyros and Skiathos also have airports with direct flights from Athens.

Explore the windless coves and sea caves by boat, visit the water park where the Mediterranean seals find refuge, and swim next to dolphins.

Stroll in the picturesque alleys of the settlements, have fun and try fresh fish and other local recipes in the traditional taverns by the sea.