In central Greece is Thessaly with its enchanting nature, traditional settlements, snow-capped mountains and lacy shores.

In Thessaly, nature and people have created a panorama of landscapes that alternate harmoniously and magnetize anyone who sees them.

The mountain of Centaurs, Pelion with the picturesque beautiful villages and the seductive beaches. The majestic and spooky Meteora with the hanging monasteries. The peaceful lake Plastira and the torrent Pinios.

The green Thessalian plain, Elati and Pertouli in the mountains of Trikala with a background of the snowy mountain range of Pindos.

The coastal Volos with the tsipouro restaurants and the carefree aura, Trikala with the Byzantine and Ottoman monuments and Kalambaka in the shadow of the rocks that cause awe.

Thessaly is a combination of senses, tastes and experiences that will be unforgettable! Wherever you look, the beauty of nature will captivate you.

Become one with the locals in the village squares, have fun in the cities, try the local recipes of each place and get to know the history of the place in the museums that are mushrooming here and there.

Whatever season you choose for your vacation, Thessaly remains an ideal destination for lovers of nature, unspoiled beauty and authenticity!

Definitely one of Thessaly places will magnetize you and invite you to return!

The alternation of landscapes that one can encounter in his tour of Thessaly makes this place unique.

Mountains, sea, stone-built traditional villages and popular cities, lakes and rivers, rare rock formations, history, culture and unchanging customs and traditions. Thessaly becomes more and more special as you discover it!

You can travel to Thessaly by car or bus. Choose a series of destinations to see as many attractions as you can or if you are looking for relaxation and rest find the ideal place that will be the basis to enjoy your vacation in traditional or luxury accommodation.

Go hiking or mountaineering in the Thessalian mountains. Raise the adrenaline to the heights by descending gorges and rafting on rivers. He followed cultural paths of rare beauty and unique interest.

Take a boat tour and do water sports on the beaches of Pelion. Discover the nature of Thessaly by bicycle or on horses.