Thrace is located on the northeastern border of Greece and is characterized by many as the crossroads of East and West.

Thrace is possessed by a mysterious and pristine aura that does not leave untouched the travelers who choose to discover it.

Multicultural, with a long history and customs that travel you through time, it is an ideal choice for those who are looking for something different on their vacation.

Beautiful nature, famous archeological sites, haughty monuments from the Byzantine and Ottoman eras and rich ecosystems compose the unique landscape of Thrace.

Its largest cities are a mosaic of people, cultures and religions.

Xanthi, Komotini and Alexandroupoli but also Orestiada and Didymoteicho are worth visiting and getting to know their special physiognomy.

The mountains of Rodopi, the river Nestos, Lake Vistonida with the rich lake ecosystem, the Delta of Evros and the Forest of Haydou with the high beeches complete the natural landscape. While the ancient Abdera, Soufli with the serotrophic tradition,

Dolmen the megalithic monuments of the Iron Age and the Pomakochoria of Thrace with the unchanging cultural identity will give you a taste of the complex culture of this place.

Do not be late to become one of the few and select who are lucky enough to know the rare beauty of Thrace!

Definitely one of the Thrace places will magnetize you and invite you to return!

The meeting of East and West is evident everywhere in Thrace. You will feel it in the aromas and flavors of the local cuisine, in the people who walk next to you, in the architecture of cities and villages.

This “marriage” of cultures makes Thrace one of the most special destinations in Greece!

You can reach Thrace by road, by train or plane from other parts of Greece but also from neighboring countries such as Bulgaria and Turkey.

If you are a fan of action, Thrace is the right destination for you.

Do trekking-canoeing in the Nestos Forest and follow the marked trails in the Dadia Forest. Boat in the Evros Delta, ride horses in the Nestos valley or mountain bike in the forest of Kotza Orman.

If you love the off-road you will go crazy with the routes in Pomakochoria of Evros while if you are a nature lover we suggest you visit the bird observatories in Vistonida, in the Delta of Evros and the Forest of Dadia where you will meet rare and endangered birds.

Finally, if you are looking for a cultural experience, Thrace hosts some of the most important museums in Greece such as the Folklore Museum of Thrace!