Greece ends PLF Form for Travelers

Greece ends PLF Form for Travelers

The Passenger Locator Form is no longer needed from March 15 by visitors-travelers from all countries for their entry into Greece.

The abolition comes after a recommendation of the Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Health.

The abolition of the PLF simplifies the entry process for travelers, shifting the emphasis to the control of vaccination certificates. In addition, the adoption of the new health protocols for tourism companies, brings Greece ahead of the competition. 

Mini Buses, Buses and Vans will take 100% of their capacity

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That are some more great news!

A statement from the Ministry of Tourism said that the Commission also recommended increasing the capacity of tourist buses from 85% to 100%, from Saturday 5 March 2022, with the remaining protection measures – natural ventilation, mask use – to remain as they are.

So more guests and better prices! 

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