Andros Wellness Experience

Andros Wellness Experience at a Glance

Andros! It is without a doubt, an island of Nature Wellness Spirit. From the food you eat to the way you sleep and the earth beneath your feet, wellness is integrated into your whole experience.
As a result of sustainable planning, Andros Island blends into the natural vegetation, creating an environment that has become a paradise.

Andros Wellness Experience In Detail

Taking inspiration from the ancient Andros Routes at Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel & Spa we aim to enhance every aspect of your experience so you feel immediate, rear benefits however long your stay.
The Micra Anglia Wellness Suite designed with the ‘’me time’’ in our minds. A place to restore, recover and relax alone or with your loved ones, into a personal wellness room. It consists of a welcome area, hands and feet room, changing areas for male and female, a hammam with a plunge pool and a
double treatment room.Ariadne Athens, a Greek brand, designed the treatments and the rituals especially for us, including natural locally-grown ingredients from the island of Andros.

Let’s see the Andros Wellness Experiences!

Total stress relief face & body ritual
Assess your stress levels by choosing this ultimate serene ritual. The mesmerizing aromatic body scrub inside the Hammam with jasmine and gardenia petals, conveys a sense of absolute calmness, preparing the way for a luxurious mask with lavender to reduce stress and improve circulation. A relaxing massage with rhythmical movements softens the skin, while relieves muscle aches by helping calm your body, improving your sleep and your overall well-being.
At the end, the unique acorn flour-based facial works to instantly lift, firm and calm the skin for a soothed complexion and redefined facial contours.

Duration: 2 hours

Luxury anti-aging face & body ritual
Sparkling Jasmine & Gardenia white petals gently exfoliate the skin, preparing the body for the exceptionally beneficial properties of firming and deeply nourishing mask with 24 Carat leaves of Gold and precious gemstones. Followed by a perfectly mastered massage with warm sand pouches, this treatment aspires to offer your skin the most ultimate anti-ageing properties. The face treatment that follows promises to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, support thin and fragile skin by increasing its elasticity and firmness with the use of Rose Quartz Massage Crystals.

Duration: 2 hours

Aromatherapy relaxing body experience
Unwind and de-stress with this aromatic bespoke treatment. This soothing aromatherapy massage uses light to moderate pressure and a blend of essential oils to melt away tension. This harmonizing experience is a simple and effective way to let go of tensions, improve health, balance emotions, increase calmness and relaxation.

Duration: 1 hours and 30 minutes

Deep tension relief body experience
Delight yourself in a treatment that will allow your body to recover. Feel your muscles release all the tension, while the chocolate & orange peel fragrance envelops your skin. The brown sugar mocha scented crystals gently buff away dry skin cells. The deep tissue massage is tailor-made to target specific areas of muscle tension and soreness. A series of intensive techniques is used to increase circulation.

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

After-sun face & body treatment
The ultimate after-sun care for your skin! This treatment embodies the ideal refreshing properties of drops of sea water and the calming benefits of acorn flour, skilfully combined to help restore skin’s moisture. Inflammation and skin-irritation is minimised, offering a unique sense of relief after sun exposure. On one hand, Greek yogurt offers a healing and regenerating action and on the other hand water lily combined with aloe helps to improve overall skin’s appearance. Feel your skin calm, soothed and moisturized with a naturally healthy appearance!

Duration: 45 minutes

Muscle release massage
The deep tissue massage is tailor-made to target specific areas of muscle tension and soreness. A series of intensive techniques is used to increase circulation, release built-up toxins,heal and restore balance to the body and nervous system. Feel your muscles release all the tension, while the luxurious naturally-scented oils envelop your skin and exhilarate your mind.

Duration: 60m

Muscle release massage
A sensational voyage that combines the ancient wisdom of ayurvedic rituals with the lavish aromatic herbal zests of Greece. An invigorating, yet totally relaxing head massage, lush in the aromas of calming Lavender, bright Rosemary, soothing Tea tree wonderfully blended with delicately scented, healing Laurel oil, initiates the intoxicating journey. Complemented by the sensuous blend of Orange, Patchouli and Ylang-Ylang, a pampering hand massage delivers the utmost calming effect for, both, your mind and body. Silk-like body butter, rich in the exotic notes of pure Coconut, completes this perfectly balanced, de-stressing experience.

Duration: 45m

Candle Massage Experience
Indulge your senses in a mystifying massage ritual that will entice your mind, body and soul. Lay back and unwind while the heated solid waxes slowly turn into liquid oil, as the mesmerizing flame gently burns the candle. Succumb, as the warm oil releases its unique beneficial properties and its sensuous fragrance seduces the mind. An outstanding experience of aromatherapy, relaxation and rejuvenation that promotes bliss, balance and well-being!

Duration: 60m

Bespoke miracle skin renewal
A high-performance, all-in-one, personalized treatment that promises to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, deeply moisturize and regenerate the skin, reinforce natural cellular turnover and improve overall appearance. Your face and décolletage are immersed in a shower of wellness through a series of exclusive techniques that address skin individual concerns, ultimately presenting an entirely renewed look.
Your skin is recharged. Your skin is reformed. Your skin is reborn!

Duration: 60 minutes

Luxury anti-ageing experience with crystals
The ultimate anti-ageing experience for your skin, empowered by precious gemstones for a totally glass skin effect! Specifically designed to target dullness, dryness, wrinkles and sagging. This treatment promises to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, support thin and fragile skin by increasing its elasticity and firmness with the use of Rose Quartz Crystals.
The proprietary blend of evening primrose and ylang-ylang, repairs and rejuvenates the skin, promoting a visibly firmer, tighter and more lifted look.

Duration: 60 minutes


  Private Experience
  English and Greek-speaking therapist
  Water and drinks
  Taxes and services fee


  Gratuities (optional)

  Hotel pick up and drop off

Additional Info

  Transportation by VIP Peugeot minivan or Private vehicle (extra charge)


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Cancellation Policy

  Cancellations received within 5 days of the tour will incur a 50% penalty for each person.
  Cancellations received within 2 days of the tour will incur a 100% penalty for each person.
  Unused features are non-refundable. No shows forfeit the entire payment.

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